Alarm Installation in Wakefield, Horbury & Across Yorkshire

NDS Electrical & Security offers expert alarm installation in Wakefield and across Yorkshire. We also offer alarm servicing and alarm repair. We service both commercial and domestic clients. 

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Alarm Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services

Protecting Your Peace of Mind

At NDS Electrical & Security, we understand that the safety of your home or business is a top priority. That’s why we specialize in providing comprehensive alarm services, including installation, maintenance, and repair, throughout Wakefield and West Yorkshire. Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind with state-of-the-art security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Alarm Installation in Wakefield & Across West Yorkshire

Alarm Installation: Our expert team offers bespoke alarm system installations, ensuring your property is equipped with the latest in security technology. From intruder alarms to sophisticated monitoring systems, we design solutions that offer maximum protection for your premises.


  • Remotely activate or deactivate your alarm

    Remote access to your alarm control panels enables you to activate or deactivate your alarm system from anywhere, ensuring convenient and secure control.

  • Connected to your mobile

    Receive instant alerts on your smartphone if your alarm is activated, keeping you informed wherever you are.

  • Smart controls for other devices

    The control panel of your alarm system can be customized with smart auxiliary controls to manage lights, open doors or garage doors, and support various other functions, enhancing your home automation capabilities.

  • Panic Button

    A panic button enables you to activate the alarm and swiftly summon assistance.

  • Pet friendly

    Our pet-friendly alarm solutions ensure your furry friends stay stress-free while keeping your home secure. Understanding the bond between pets and their owners, we offer sophisticated pet-tolerant detectors that allow your pets to roam freely without triggering false alarms. Our advanced detectors use a combination of passive infra-red (PIR) and microwave technology to differentiate between your pets and potential intruders, ensuring reliable protection without the added worry. Trust us to provide the right advice and technology for a pet-friendly, secure home

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Alarm Maintenance in Wakefield and Yorkshire

We have all felt it, the discomfort that comes from the sound of an alarm going off. The fear that something is not right, what could be, to finding out... It's a fault alarm, thank goodness. However that aweful feeling can linger behind for a long time, not to mention it could be at an ungodly hour or on a weekend.

Regular maintenance is crucial to the reliability of your alarm system. NDS Electrical & Security Are a specialist alarm company that provides alarm servicing and maintenance in Wakefield and throughout Yorkshire to help avoid these situations and keep your alarm running fault-free for years to come.  Our Security experts will provide a thorough inspection and conduct the required maintenance services to your alarm ensuring your system is functioning optimally, offering you uninterrupted security year-round.

  • Active Deterrence Cameras with Built-in Talk Back Speaker:

    Don't just observe, but interact and deter intruders.

Alarm Repair in Wakefield & Across West Yorkshire

Alarm Repair: Should you face any issues with your alarm system, our skilled technicians are on hand to diagnose and repair faults swiftly. Our prompt repair service minimizes downtime, ensuring your property remains protected at all times.

  • Fast Responce

    Should you face any issues with your alarm system, our skilled technicians are on hand to diagnose and repair faults swiftly. Our prompt alarm repair service in Wakefield and Yorkshire minimises downtime, ensuring your property remains protected at all times.

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Expert Alarm Company In Wakefield, Horbury & Across Yorkshire

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